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In November, we had the tremendous privilege of hosting a summit that brought together people from various disciplines and backgrounds to consider a key question: With the urgency and sustainability required, how can we better work together to advance human and animal rights, health, and wellbeing with the urgency and sustainability required?

The answers that emerged in response to our broad and ambitious question were inspiring. We witnessed what can happen when a group of doctors, ethicists, scientists, lawyers, artists, designers, educators, policy experts, philanthropic and finance professionals, mathematicians, theologians, and storytellers gather together—particularly when they are driven by a passion to improve the world.

At the summit, we selected some key initiatives that we will work on together in the coming months and years. Our efforts will center on influencing norms, behaviors, legal frameworks, and political priorities to better represent the needs of people and animals across the globe. For example, we plan to identify and fuel transitions from exploitive industries that currently harm people and animals to just enterprises that advance human and nonhuman rights, health, and wellbeing.

Similarly, we will be working to identify policies that promote human and animal rights, and to create resources to help people advance similar policies in their communities. We will also focus on changing hearts and minds—in part, by creating pipelines and pathways for scholars, practitioners, and learners across various disciplines to incorporate human rights and animal rights into their work.

We will have much more to share on these and other initiatives in the weeks to come—to stay tuned, please sign up for our newsletter!

Ultimately, we hope to foster a broad platform for coalition building, innovative problem solving, and civic innovation in service of human and animal rights, health, and wellbeing.

Join us!

Photo by Henrik H on Unsplash.