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Fuel Just Transitions in Industry

Partnering with individuals and organizations in private and public industry, we are working to identify and fuel corporate activities that replace harmful, exploitative activities with nonexploitative practices as quickly as possible. Through research and in-depth analysis, we create resources that can be used to leverage financial, governmental, and public support for just transitions within multiple sectors—from food production to the fashion industry to medical research.

Fuel Just Transitions

Solve Shared Problems

We know that difficult problems require thoughtful, comprehensive solutions that benefit from shared knowledge and skills, as well as democratic principles. In order to fuel just transitions across sectors, we are developing an open source online hub of existing and emerging initiatives, economic and social impact analyses that account for rights, health, and wellbeing, and best practices that emphasize ethics and viability. By sharing stories, challenges, and solutions, we can better leverage public and private support for just transitions within various industries.

Solve Shared Problems

Create Models of Social Change

We envision a world in which corporate and government-funded industries reduce vulnerability and promote the resilience of human and nonhuman beings. By partnering with funders, industry, and government, we can shift financial priorities away from exploitative practices and toward efforts that honor the rights, health, and wellbeing of all of Earth’s citizens.

First, we need great models of change. That’s why we’re identifying and supporting projects that provide ethical, evidence-based models of collaborative social change and just transitions across various fields and sectors.

Here are some examples:

A Belmont Report for Animals

A Belmont Report for Animals aims to revolutionize research by extending the ethical framework that guides human research (the Belmont Report) to decisions about the use of animals in research. The initiative also prompts a reconsideration of human research, including the need to enhance protections for those who are most vulnerable to exploitation. Experts from Phoenix Zones Initiative are partnering with leaders in bioethics, research, healthcare, journalism, and government to explore how to make a Belmont Report for Animals a reality.

Impact Fashion

Impact Fashion, started in 2015 by stylist and activist Sica Schmitz, is one of the leading sustainable fashion events in Los Angeles. Phoenix Zones Initiative is proud to partner with Impact Fashion to highlight a uniquely positive, solutions-oriented approach to the many ethical challenges in the clothing industry—from child labor and modern slavery to animal suffering.

Phoenix Zones Initiative

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