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Our Mission

Shift Norms and Values

We foster shifts in attitudes, behaviors, and norms to increase empathy and to transform how human and animal rights are perceived and advanced.

Influence Policy and Practice

We nurture grassroots, policy, and systemic changes that respect the rights, health, and wellbeing of individuals and communities around the globe.

Reinvent Powerful Legal and Economic Frameworks

We forward foundational principles—respect for liberty and sovereignty; a commitment to compassion, tolerance, and justice; and a fundamental belief that each individual possesses dignity—in order to eliminate institutional violence and promote individual and community resilience.

Accelerate Social Change

We work to increase the capacity of partners by scaling promising models of social change, inspiring new initiatives, and fueling a broader movement.

Our Approach

Public education and outreach

Listening and learning

Research and analysis

Promotion of comprehensive ideas and solutions

Scalable, sustainable, evidence-based interventions

Rigorous monitoring and evaluation

Coalition and network building

Advocacy for high-yield systems-level reform within governmental, nongovernmental, and corporate entities

Curation and dissemination of best practices that advance the rights, health, and wellbeing of people and animals, and the health of our life-sustaining planet






Phoenix Zones Initiative

Our Programs


As part of a broad coalition, we cultivate transformation of the global food system to promote health and wellbeing and to end violence and exploitation associated with food production.


With our partners, we advance just transitions from current exploitative models of clothing and textile production to a future that respects the rights of all.


Together, with partners in education, research, and multiple disciplines, we drive more ethical, inclusive, and compassionate knowledge production.


In solidarity with urban and rural communities, we advance the closely connected wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet.


For those interested in community and public service, we provide opportunities to hone and implement effective advocacy skills to forward social and environmental justice.

Our Values


We address the root causes of problems and empower others to do the same.


We operate by the highest ethical standards. How we achieve progress matters. The ends do not justify the means.


We prioritize evidence-based holistic solutions to advance rights, health, and wellbeing.


We commit to meaningful impact through systemic change, which requires work at multiple levels and ongoing reflection, assessment, and improvement.