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Connect with Other Scholars, Researchers, and Practitioners

Based on key criteria, we are connecting scholars, educators, researchers, and practitioners interested in advancing ethical and compassionate work that serves historically vulnerable populations. Through the creation of an interactive virtual hub, we aim to connect mentors with mentees and to foster the development of new and collaborative projects that promote the intricate connections between rights, health, and wellbeing.

Generations of Leaders

Shift to More Ethical Professional and Funding Priorities

Through valued partnerships, continuing education, professional conferences, and select publications, we work to establish and mainstream career pathways that incorporate the promotion of human and animal rights, health, and wellbeing. By advocating for more ethical shifts in professional priorities and funding patterns, we aim to fuel more empathic research, practice, and lifelong learning across various sectors—starting with medicine and the sciences.

Pathways for Learners

Develop More Empathic Career Pathways for Learners

Students at all levels are increasingly interested in career pathways that allow them to incorporate their interests in social change. Through curricula and research and service-learning opportunities—and by connecting students with established faculty—we aim to mainstream pathways for learners to develop careers that emphasize respect for people, animals, and the planet that we all depend upon for our health and wellbeing. Ultimately, we strive to create sustainable educational channels that encourage learners to use their passion, knowledge, and skills to effect positive change.