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Build Strong Partnerships and Coalitions

We are building strategic partnerships and coalitions with other nonprofit organizations, corporate leaders, and academic institutions who are similarly committed to promoting structural resilience in place of structural violence. Our partners stem from many different sectors—from medicine and public health to media and education. We aim to build political power for those who need it most, and to create and support networks that are well-positioned to change norms and advocate for policy, legal, and legislative change for people and animals.

Partnerships and Coalitions

Learn and Share

Through research and analysis, we work with partners to identify policies that effectively and meaningfully advance human and animal rights, health, and wellbeing. With the aim of sharing best practices and fueling collective problem-solving, we’re developing educational materials, guidance, and tool kits to promote civic engagement and effective advocacy. A library of resources will be made available to key stakeholders and to members of the public via an interactive database.

Ask Tough Questions Demand Better Solutions

Hold Policymakers Accountable

We advocate—at local, national and international levels—for resources and policy changes that advance human and animal rights, health, and wellbeing. By educating public officials and supporting grassroots activists, we work to hold policymakers accountable.

Learn and Share

Move from Advocate to Policymaker

As more human and animal rights advocates are elected to local, state, and federal offices, our dream of recognizing protections from unjust capture, confinement, and abuse—as well as the recognition of positive rights such as housing and healthcare—come that much closer to reality. For those committed to structural change that benefits people and animals, please stay tuned for a curriculum and training materials.

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