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Ask Tough Questions, Demand Better Solutions

All of us have grown up with norms and values that can be both helpful and problematic. Norms and values are shaped by a number of factors, including the communities we call home, the stories we read and tell each other, our educational and professional pathways, and the media.

Different forms of media, art, and storytelling have the power to reach and move people of all ages and backgrounds. They can inspire normative, legal, and practical change. Working with artists, journalists, and others, we inspire, support, and promote media and entertainment that provide an antidote to structural violence.

But it isn’t only creatives who can imagine a better world. We are working with leaders and visionaries across sectors—from healthcare and the sciences to ethics and theology—to envision and work toward a kinder, more just world.

Questions and solutions

Work With Us Toward Just Coexistence

We develop guidance on how to create human-animal sanctuaries within communities in urban, suburban, and rural areas. By placing an emphasis on principles such as freedom, compassion, and tolerance, we’re creating best practices and a library of resources for stakeholders including policymakers, public health professionals, and members of the public. Our efforts will be measured for their impact on creating healthier, more resilient communities and less human-to-human and human-animal conflict and suffering.

Just Coexistence

Promote Good Models of Sanctuary

Until the world becomes a Phoenix Zone, we need good sanctuaries for those who have been freed from abuse and unjust captivity. But not every form of sanctuary or shelter is equal in its promotion of key principles such as the right to dignity, liberty, and sovereignty. We promote true models of sanctuary—Phoenix Zones—as inspiration for others.

Phoenix Zones Initiative

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