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Help Us Build a Movement

In partnership and solidarity with urban and rural communities, we are building a movement that recognizes and advances the closely connected rights of people and animals.

Using lessons learned in Phoenix Zones around the globe, we help individuals, communities, and organizations create and build projects that advance rights, health, and wellbeing.

We help raise awareness among communities and decision-makers, create nonpartisan coalitions, facilitate policy change, and help unlock and shift funding priorities that benefit people and animals.

Working from both the ground up, and the top down, we create and fuel models of change and offer expertise, resources, and tailored curricula and training to help others to do the same.

Phoenix Zones Initiative

Create Phoenix Zone Projects and Communities

We invite you to join us, whether you belong to a Phoenix Zone or if you want to create a Phoenix Zone.

Are you wondering what a Phoenix Zone project entails? Phoenix Zone projects foster and expand rights, including (but not limited to) bodily autonomy; protection from violence and exploitation; freedom of movement; safe homes; adequate nutrition and healthcare; and a clean environment in which individuals and communities can live, learn, and thrive.

Phoenix Zone projects focus on structural changes that serve the needs of vulnerable groups by dismantling structural inequalities and by supporting resilient institutions. Projects are both reactive and proactive, working to abolish forms of oppression while also creating the means to expand rights.

When possible, projects maximize impact by addressing the synergistic intersection of different forms of oppression, while also building capacity for self-sufficiency, including networks of mutual aid and solidarity that benefit both people and animals.

Join us in creating more Phoenix Zones.

Reach out today to join us.

Phoenix Zones Initiative

Become a Phoenix Zone Champion

Successful Phoenix Zones have champions that inspire, lead, and drive stakeholder interest. We have witnessed how some of the most vulnerable and marginalized individuals can rise up to lead others.

If they can do it in the most challenging circumstances, we all can. Phoenix Zone champions all have one key thing in common: they can envision and will fight for a better world.

Reach out today to learn how.