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Phoenix Zones Initiative Summit

At our recent Summit, we invited key stakeholders to address a critical question: “With the urgency and sustainability required, how can leaders across sectors work collectively to advance the rights, health, and wellbeing of people and animals?” Leaders who joined us hailed from diverse professional and advocacy backgrounds. Their daily work focuses on addressing problems that range from xenophobia and racial injustice to child and animal abuse to climate change and mass extinction. The solutions identified by this diverse group were inspiring and they fuel our next steps.

We identified opportunities that:

→ Scale, support, and enhance solutions that address structural violence against people and animals.

→ Expand the common ground of various movements working on behalf of people and animals.

→ Accelerate progress in securing rights for and meeting the needs of people and animals.

Phoenix Zones Initiative

At the Summit, stakeholders developed areas of action that:

→ Address the tension between vision and reality.

→ Advance systemic approaches and collective leadership.

→ Incorporate design thinking that is nimble and adaptive.

→ Leverage resources of all types and across sectors and disciplines.

→ Advance critical thought while promoting engagement and action.

→ Create results-oriented processes toward measurable impact.

The Summit built upon an agenda created through Open Space Technology, an inclusive, participant driven process to develop capacity for sustainable relationships, action, and impact.

Phoenix Zones Initiative

Beyond the Summit

Participants at the 2019 Phoenix Zones Initiative Summit focused on identifying SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound) initiatives and corresponding action plans that have subsequently fueled collective action—including cross-sectoral, multi-organizational work.

We aim to grow our impact by continuing to identify more partners and stakeholders who are similarly committed to tackling structural violence.

Beyond the summit

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